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Episode 1: Power Supplies – Show Notes

1. How big of a supply do you really need?

2. What do these specifications/features mean?

a. 80 Plus Certification

b. PWM Fan Control

c. Modular

d. 12 V Rails

e. Over Power Protection

f. Short Circuit Protection

g. Power Factor Correction

h. Where is the 115V/220V switch?

i. Weight

j. Dual PCB / Double-layer PCB

3. What features should you look for in a power supply? (our preference of key features)

a. Power (constant vs. peak)

b. Connectors ( are there enough for all your video cards, hard drives)

c. Efficiency (80 Plus)

d. Price ( $10 – $500)

e. The number of 12V rails

f. Operating Temperature it was tested

4. If help is needed, there are many power supply calculators available online, some very detailed, that can tell you what wattage you should look for.  As an example, using fairly high-end hardware at 90% load I still came up with only 689W recommended.  Use the googles!

Next Week – Introduction to Microprocessors and coverage of AMD


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