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Episode 6: Intro to Motherboards – Show Notes

Motherboards – hold the computer together and allow the components to communicate with each other.  If you think of the CPU as the brain of the computer, the motherboard (mobo) would be a combination of the skeletal and nervous systems.  Motherboards can have a major impact on the airflow and heat dissipation of a computer, and also determine what types of components can be installed in the machine.

Motherboard specifications

  1. Form Factor
    1. ATX
    2. BTX
  2. Chipset
    1. North bridge
    2. South bridge
  3. Processor Socket Support
  4. Memory Support
  5. Graphics support
    1. PCI
    2. AGP
    3. PCI Express
    4. Dual card support
  6. Expansion Slots
  8. Peripheral device interface(s)

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