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Episode 11: Geeking out on Hard Drives – Show Notes

Platter Drives – Also known as spindle drives and was first invented back in 1954 by IBM.

As time went a more standardized setup developed and popularity of PCs increased this standardization.

  1. 8″ – 1979 started by Shugart Associates
  2. 5.25″ – 1980  started by Seagate
  3. 3.5″ – 1984 by Rodime
  4. 2.5″ – 1988 by PrairieTek
  5. 1.8″ – 1993 by Integral Peripherals
  6. 1″ – 1999 by IBM’s Microdrive to CF Type II slot
  7. 0.85″ – 2004 by Toshiba – currently holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest hard disk
Boosting Performance
  • Defrag – When adding/removing programs and files, eventually your spindle hard drive (spindle only see performance drops) will become fragmented
SSD – Solid State Drive – Simplest way to describe it, they work very much like RAM, but really are EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
Hard Drive Repair
  • Paying someone to do it: Gillware: personally used, very happy with my experience with them.
  • Freezing the hard drive
  • Replacing the controller board

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